Coppermine Project


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Nunavut, Canada

100%-owned by Kaizen
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The Coppermine Project is a non-core asset for which options are being assessed, including a possible sale to, or joint venture with, a third party. The project constitutes a district-scale, greenfield exploration prospect, discontinuously covering approximately 115 kilometres of strike of an easterly-trending belt of Mesoproterozoic continental flood basalts (the Coppermine River Group) and uncomformably overlying marine sedimentary rocks of Neoproterozoic age (the Rae Group). The belt has numerous mineral showings that demonstrate prospectivity for two distinct deposit types: sediment-hosted stratiform copper-silver and structurally-controlled volcanic-hosted copper-silver.

Kaizen, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tundra Copper Corp. ("Tundra"), holds 153 Crown Land mineral claims totalling 1,657 square kilometres as well as 11 prospecting permits totalling 1,877 square kilometres.

All of the claims and permits are currently under Section 51 of the Mining Regulations of Nunavut. Under Section 51 of the Mining Regulations, if a claim holder is unable to do the required assessment work because the holder is, for reasons beyond the claim holder's control, waiting for a public authority to give an authorization or decision without which the work cannot proceed, the claim holder may request a one-year suspension of the work requirements.

Tundra's Section 51 application is based on the draft Nunavut Land Use Plan ("DNLUP"). In the DNLUP, the Kaizen mineral claims and prospecting permits are overlain by areas with proposed prohibitions and/or limitations on mining and exploration. Uncertainty regarding these designations among other strategic issues will impact Kaizen's ability to continue to choose to invest in its exploration activities at the Coppermine Project until the DNLUP is finalized.

The annual renewal letter for the Section 51 one-year suspension of work requirements was submitted to the Nunavut Mining Recorder on March 7, 2017. On March 21, 2017, the renewal request was approved by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.  
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