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The future of exploration

Typhoon IP
Source: High Power Exploration Inc.

HPX Typhoon vs. conventional induced polarization

High power and precise signal facilitates greater transmitter electrode separation, resulting in much deeper signal penetration.

The greater electrode separation also allows much larger surface areas to be surveyed at any time, resulting in faster survey turnaround.

Typhoon high power and signal specification result in higher resolution, over larger areas, and at greater depths, than alternatives.

Kaizen agreement with HPX TechCo Inc.

High Power Exploration (HPX), the parent company of HPX TechCo (Kaizen's majority shareholder), is a private, metals-focused exploration company deploying proprietary, geophysical technologies to rapidly evaluate buried geological targets. The company combines world-class geological and geophysical expertise with innovative, ground-breaking technological hardware and software solutions to address the limitations of existing exploration technology. International financier and mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland is CEO of HPX TechCo.

HPX's technologies have been developed to facilitate rapid and deep electrical geophysical exploration in areas that have proved extremely difficult using conventional technologies. These include high-power and high-signal specifications, facilitating high signal-to-noise ratios. This allows accurate inversions to identify prospective targets. Both induced polarization and electromagnetic modes are available, enabling exploration for disseminated and massive sulphides that usually would require separate transmitters.

Pursuant to the terms of the services agreement, HPX TechCo agrees to perform geophysical services, analyses, and related exploration services for and as directed by Kaizen, in exchange for Kaizen covering the survey costs plus a 12% management fee. The term of the agreement is indefinite in length, and Kaizen plans to continue using this innovative technology cluster in support of future exploration activities.

Additional information about HPX and its technology cluster is available at  
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